Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on your browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Safari by Apple) when you browse most websites.

What is a cookie NOT?

It is not a virus, a Trojan, a worm, spam or spyware and it does not open pop-up windows.

What information is stored by a cookie?

Cookies do not generally store sensitive information on new such as credit card numbers or bank data, photographs, personal information, etc., but rather technical data, statistics, personal preferences, customisation of content, etc.

The server does not associate them with you as an individual but with your browser. Indeed, if you usually use Chrome but try browsing the same website with Firefox, you will observe that the site does not recognise you as the same person, because it associates information with the browser used and not with the individual.

What types of cookie are there?

  • Technical cookies: These are basic cookies which, among other things, reveal whether it is a human being or a bot that is browsing and whether the person browsing is registered or not, i.e. tasks which are basic to the operation of any dynamic website.
  • Analytics Cookies: These collect information on the type of browsing, on which sections are used most, on what products are consulted, on timeslots for use, languages, etc.

What are first-party and third-party cookies?

First-party cookies are generated by the website visited, and third-party cookies are generated by external services or providers.

What cookies does this website use?

This website uses both first-party and third-party cookies. This website uses the cookies detailed below:

  • First-party cookies

Personalisation: These cookies help the site remember the people or websites with which you have interacted, so as to show related content.

Preferences: These cookies remember your settings and preferences, such as your preferred language and privacy settings.

Security: These cookies are used to prevent security risks.

Third-party cookies: This website uses the following analytics services:

Google Analytics: to help the website analyse how users use it and improve its usability, but with no association in any case with data that could serve to identify users. Google Analytics is a website analysis service provided by Google, Inc. Users can check what types of cookies are used by Google here.

Other third-party cookies:

Is it possible to delete cookies?

Yes, you can delete or block cookies in general or in particular for specific domains.

To eliminate cookies from a website, go to Settings on your browser, look for those associated with the relevant domain and delete them.

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Cookies settings in Apple Safari

Cookies settings in Internet Explorer

Cookies settings in Mozilla Firefox

More information on cookies

You can consult the regulations on cookies published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency at “Guidelines about Cookies” and obtain more information on cookies on the Internet at