At MEBUSA we offer a range of services associated with machinery in operation, placing all the know-how of JAUREGUI’s expert staff at the disposal of customers. This includes the following services:

  • Personalised advice for each customer and each project. We know that different customers have different problems, so we offer a solution to each one. Go to service
  • After-sales services. Customers may have doubts about our machines or their use after installation at their premises. We are here to help as needed. Go to service
  • Customer Support: we can visit the customer’s plant after an incident and help solve matters as quickly as possible to minimise production downtime. Go to service
  • MEBUSA machine spares: original equipment with the manufacturer’s warranty. Because nobody can provide better spares than the original designer. Go to service


We are proud to make our team of engineers available to customers to help speed up processes.

With the incorporation of the MEBUSA brand into the JAUREGUI catalogue, we can offer:

The expertise of a historic brand name in shaping, cutting and shotblasting.

The experience gained in more than 25 years of engineering on customised equipment.

In close contact and cooperation with the end customer, this means that we can find the best solution to suit each need.

On every project, we conduct a detailed study of the customer’s needs in terms of quality and performance, so as to offer the best solution for each specific process, with optimum value for money.

Our advice is available not just for new machinery but also in regard to machine adaptations, modifications, incorporations and upgrades for production lines by MEBUSA and other brands.

After-sales services

Our work does not end with the installation of the machine at the customer’s premises: we have an after-sales service that helps maintain the link between manufacturer and users. Its remit is to support end users and operators in the day-to-day use and handling of our machines. We are delighted to answer any query concerning machines and warranties.

We work with the end customer to draw up preventive maintenance plans for machines and facilities, to ensure that they remain in optimal working order throughout their useful lifetimes. Those plans can then be implemented by in-house personnel or by our own Customer Support Service.

We provide customers with a list of spares sorted into levels of criticality, and we hold prominent stocks of the most critical items either at the customer’s own premises or in our warehouse so that any unexpected malfunction can be put right with as little machine downtime as possible.

Technical Support Services

MEBUSA‘s Technical Support Service is available to customers 265 days a year, so that plants do not need to stop work. We know how expensive unscheduled downtime is for a plant, so we strive to ensure that machines are idle for as little time as possible.

The same technicians who erect our machines handle technical support at the customer’s premises. No one is more familiar than they are with the machines, their components, their intended functions and their proper installation and operation.

At JAUREGUI – MEBUSA we offer technical support for machines of our own brand and others, so as to maintain, monitor and optimise performance.

We act quickly and flexibly in responding to the full range of customer requirements.

Our basic Technical Support programme covers the following:

  • Machine audits: operation and components.
  • Diagnostic reports and basic recommendations.
  • A helpline for queries and concerns.
  • Regular monitoring: quarterly visits and reports.
  • A basic report on maintenance and incidents.
  • Statistical data

With this basic programme as a starting point, we can design a plan to suit the needs of each customer and each machine.

At JAUREGUI – MEBUSA We also repair, modify and update MEBUSA machinery and other brands, enlisting all the resources and experiences of JAUREGUI‘s technical office in support of MEBUSA‘s know-how.


Spare parts are critical in determining how long a machine must stand idle after a malfunction. That is why we at MEBUSA strive to maintain a broad stock of wear parts and the components most often replaced on our machines.

As the manufacturer of the machines, we are also the designers of the spare parts, so there is nothing better than original MEBUSA spares to keep your machine running as it did on day one.

Spares with all the assurances of original manufacturer warranties.

At MEBUSA we keep a prominent stock of critical spares for our different machines.

Our spares are designed and manufactured in the same way as the original machine components, thus ensuring optimal useful lifetimes.

We are continually conducting research to optimise the durability of wear parts and thus reduce costs for our customers.